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CBE JU networking platform

Are you considering applying for the CBE JU 2022 call for project proposals? Register on the platform to pitch your project idea, look for partners and offer your services, and, more importantly, get in touch with other CBE JU community members!

On this platform you can:

  • Create your profile and tell about your organisation, experience, project ideas and services you offer
  • Express your interest in one or several CBE JU Call 2022 topics
  • Find partners for your project proposal or join a consortium in making
  • Get in touch with other CBE JU community members
  • Schedule b2b meetings for 7 June afternoon, and any time after it

About the CBE JU 2022 call

The first CBE JU call for project proposals will open in the second-third quarter of 2022. See the indicative timeline leading to the opening of the call.

You can consult the topic titles on the CBE JU website and networking platform. 

About the CBE JU Info Day

The info day took place on 7 June 2022 online. It featured speakers from the CBE JU Programme Office, BIC and the European Commission who presented the new partnership, its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, as well as the call topics and how to apply for the call.

A recording of the info day is available on the CBE JU website and YouTube channel.

The second part of the info day is dedicated to networking. Registered participants can arrange meetings on the CBE JU networking platform from 7 June in the afternoon up until the call closure.

See more information about the info day.

Contact: infoday [at] cbe.europa.eu


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Visit the CBE JU Info day page

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